Rozio Group - construction, development and urban renewal

Rozio is the leading construction, development and  urban renewal Group in the Tel-Aviv.

The company carries out projects and builds houses in areas of demand as well - promotes and implements projects of TMA 38 and urban renewal.

The Group will offer an experience and an excellent reputation, which formed for over a decade has unique expertise at the forefront of the Tel Aviv real estate.  The group is headed by the brothers Yuval and Yaniv Rosio who specialize in identifying these hot areas, an extraordinary familiarity with consumers and in total control trends and the latest trends.

Why Us?

• Because we know the work. We have a wealth of experience in contracting and construction, as well as deep familiarity with municipal processes and construction plans in the city.

• Because we deliver the goods. Impeccable integrity and dependability, dynamic planning and decision-making, uncompromising quality, and work with top-of-the-line professionals.

• Cooperation We understand that you are our full partners. Your building is our name, and we are committed to excellence for you and for us.

The Vision 

 Rozio Group strives to be the window of opportunities for Tel Aviv real estate.  A dynamic group operating in perfect synchronization, providing a comprehensive response to the customer seeking to purchase, sell, or launch a project in the city.

The Rozio Group’ strength lies in the combined forces of two brothers, each an expert in his field: 
Yaniv Rozio – a key player in the city; two decades ago he established the Rozio Properties brokerage chain.
Yuval Rozio – a registered contractor with more than 20 years of experience in contracting, development, and construction; he launched some of the most important projects in the city and its environs.
Yaniv and Yuval, a combination of knowledge and proven experience, have established unique expertise in the city, which has been recording successes and expanding its group of loyal customers for more than a decade.